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Quality and expert advice are what we stand for at "THE COMPUTER DOCTORx". We take the time to answer your questions and find the right

virus or malware software for you!


Check out our website for information about our services and company. We look forward to seeing you.  You will always receive personal and professional advice!


Whether you're shopping for virus software or malware software; at Sunshine Computer Services, you'll find the latest free software.



  • Local Computer Repairs
  • PC troubleshooting - Computer Errors
  • Hardware - Software Installation
  • Home - Business PC Repairs
  • Spyware - Virus Removal


Are you having problems with your computer?  We can help!  $35.00, $75.00 or $95.00 depending on the service!!!!  This is a flat fee not hourly. 


We can also save your important documents and or photos.  $25.00 additional per saved folder.